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Manila embroidered shawl ref. 154400

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Manila embroidered shawl ref. 154400 Ref.: 501540400
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Manila shawl.
Fringes and embroidering handmade.
Mantones (Shawls), for flamenco dancers direct from Andalucia, Spain. We offer a personalised service with advice from professional flamenco dancers, local instrument makers and flamencos.
A perfect complement as much for the flamenco dance, as to give to a touch of distinction and feminine when dressing special occasions.
Shawl made of pure silk 110 x 110 cm hand embroidered both on cloth and fringed.
Fringed shawl: 30 cm. - 11.81 In.



1.- Washing:
Never wash at home, always at dry cleaner's.
If you see a little mark, rub it with soap with a rag below the shawl.
Then iron the shawl.
2.- Ironing:
Iron the shawl the wrong way round with vapour iron, to enhance the embroidery.
3.- Preservation:
Hang your new shawl on a hanger, recover it with a cover and keep it from the light in your wardrobe.


Product details:

  • Black with colours embroideredBlack with colours embroidered
  • Black with black embroideredBlack with black embroidered
  • Manton RojoManton Rojo
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