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Natural Olive Oil

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100%,
cold compressed, max. acidity 0.3 degrees

The aerosol for cooking whilst taking care of you.
OLIVO is an ideal complement in the preparation of your food, preventing it from sticking to your cooking surfaces. Olivo is especially recommended for grills, frying pans, woks, casseroles, pots and pans, cake tins, etc. Thanks to its difuser, which measures out just the right quantity, you will save both oil and money every day.

Grilling or cooking food in the oven or on a hotplate is recognised as bei
ng a more healthy way of preparing your food. You will also be pleasently surprised by the little time it takes to clean all your utensils after using Olivo.

One can of Olivo can be used 800 times, and because it´s an aerosol wastage is kept to a minimum, this means you save money.

Also it has a guaranteed shelf life of three years from the date of canning.

The recipient contains 250 ml.

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