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Flamenca with polka dots costume. Barcino. Red. 20.5cm

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Flamenca with polka dots costume. Barcino. Red. 20.5cm Ref.: 5057910887
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Spectacular and authentic figurine in a very Spanish design. This flamenco "bailaora" wearing a polka dots costume is posing like she was beginning to dance the "first" Sevillana. She is wearing a flamenco costume with ruffles, a dress called "bata de cola". She is also wearing a red shawl matching the flower adorning her hair, typical Spanish earrings and flamenco dance shoes. The hair is tied back with a little bun typical of the flamenco gipsy dancers. And she is playing castanets.

This flamenco figurine is perfect to decorate your home or to adorn your table and give it a special Andalusian touch.

Measurements: 20,5cm.

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  • FuxiaFuxia
  • NegroNegro
  • AmarillaAmarilla
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