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Hand Painted Fan ref. 141

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The fan is one of the archetypal Spanish accessory.

Our fans are completely hand-made by master craftsmen.

Fans are made of blades and a leaf (fabric), and their fabrication starts by craftsman's hands, which choose the wood for making the blades. The blades are lacquered, polished or varnished depending on the model.

Flowers are painted by hand.


Measures: 44 x 24 cm.


Fans language

The fan, more than an essential accessory, was an ideal communication instrument when women did not have total freedom of speech.


When 19th century puertorrican ladies went dancing, they were always accompanied by their mothers or another adult lady, called "the Chaperona", to watch her behavior. They were very zealous so, the young girls invented a way to communicate with the boys without being noticed by them. They used their fans in different ways to convey their messages.


Below here is a typical version of the language:

-Moving the fan with the left hand: They are watching us.

-Holding the fan with your right hand and closing it to your left: I can´t.

-Hitting the closed fan on your left hand: Write to me

-Sliding it over your forehead: You’ve changed.

- Keeping it on your left ear: I want you to leave me alone.

- Opening it with your left hand: Come and talk to me.

-Touching the rim with one finger: I want to talk to you.

- Holding it with your left hand in front of your face: Looking for answers.

-Switching it to your right hand: You are audacious.

- Leaving it hanging: We can remain friends.

- Sliding it over your eyes: Leave, please.

-Holding the fan with your right hand over the face: Follow me.

-Throwing it with your hand: I hate you

- Opening it and closing it: You are mean

- Leaving it slide over your cheek: I love you.

-Offering it close: Do you love me?

- Moving it with your right hand: I am in love with someone else.

- Fanning yourself slowly: I’m married.

- Rapidly Fanning yourself: I’m engaged.

-Holding it over your lips: Kiss me.

-Opening it slowly: Wait for me

-Hiding your mouth with the fan opened: I’m alone.

-Holding it over your right cheek: Yes.

-Holding it over your left cheek: No.

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Comentario FlamencoExport

  • The fan has many different uses. It is used as a symbol of elegance, and also as a language.. and to refresh us when we feel hot. During many years the fan served to transmit feelings and hidden pasions.The postures and looks made possible a new way of expression taking care of showing women's feminity.

FlamencoExport Comment.

  • Fans have a specific terminology for each of their components: 
     País: textile. 
     varillas (ribs): wood that can be painted or fretworked. 
     caberas: first and last ribs thicker than the others. 
     calado (fretwork): holes made in the ribs. 
     abanico (fan): the assembly or the named elements.

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