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  • Spanish Backward-Looking Apron 7.50€ #50083DELN512 Ref.: 50083DELN512

    Spanish Backward-Looking Apron

    The apron is a cloth that cover us while we are cooking. Is an indispensable accessory at the kitchen that’s why we have to choose one that pleased us. This apron could be the perfect one because the pattern consists of all the typical Spanish stuff like bulls, paellas, guitars, bottles of wine, combs and the typical Spanish flamenca doll.

    Price: 7.50 € (Without taxes)
  • Backward-looking oven glove 3.90€ #50083MANN512 Ref.: 50083MANN512

    Backward-looking oven glove

    Oven-glove is one of the main useful staff for the kitchen. We show you on this oven glove with a backward-looking. The pattern is about bulls, paella, polka-dots...among other spanish typical things. Measurements:28cm X 17cm

    Price: 3.90 € (Without taxes)
  • Fantasy Bull Apron 7.50€ #50083DELN523 Ref.: 50083DELN523

    Fantasy Bull Apron

    The apron is used to avoid the stains as well as the torero uses the cape to avoid the charging of the bull. The appearance of this apron is very hippy (the pattern consists of hippies symbols).What are you waiting for to use this gorgeous apron?

    Price: 7.50 € (Without taxes)
  • Fantasy bull Oven Glove 3.90€ #50083MANN523 Ref.: 50083MANN523

    Fantasy bull Oven Glove

    Oven-gloves is one of the main useful staff in the kitchen. The design of this oven-glove is very Spanish. The pattern is abut polka dots, flowers and bulls. Measurements:28cm X 17cm

    Price: 3.90 € (Without taxes)
  • Flamenco Kitchen Apron 15.00€ #504920001 Ref.: 504920001

    Flamenco Kitchen Apron

    Flamenca Kitchen Apron, made with a polka dot pattern with three small ruffles in the same material and finished with a distinct end. It has a strap over the neck and two straps to tie round the back. Just the right apron to support you in your Spanish cooking performances, from paella to tortilla? .We do no admit any return for this article.To see more models for this product, please visit our...

    Price: 15.00 € (Without taxes)
  • Torero Kitchen Apron 19.95€ #50493D100 Ref.: 50493D100

    Torero Kitchen Apron

    Torero Kitchen Apron, made to look like a bullfighter's costume, with a strap over the neck and two straps to tie round the back. As a complementary gift, it comes with an oven glove looking like a bullfighter's hat so that he would be ready to irresistibly 'fight' against any recipe. A perfect gift for boyfriends, husbands etc, which will make them, smile and rejoice.We do no admit anyreturn for...

    Price: 19.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Torero Apron without Oven Glove 7.50€ #50493D101 Ref.: 50493D101

    Torero Apron without Oven Glove

    Funny Apron to cook similar to bullfighter costume. With this apron you will get prepare all recipes. It is the perfect gift for your boyfriend, your husband or your friend who will receive it with a big smile. Oven Glove not included.

    Price: 7.50 € (Without taxes)
  • Black Bull Apron 12.00€ #50073SOMBRA Ref.: 50073SOMBRA

    Black Bull Apron

    If you are looking for a spanish apron,this is the one. Is an apron with a black bull figure that seems to go walking through you. In the apron there is a brave bull figure over a red background. It is a very bull-fighting apron.

    Price: 12.00 € (Without taxes)
  • Spanish Party Apron 12.00€ #50073CUADRILLA Ref.: 50073CUADRILLA

    Spanish Party Apron

    With this apron you’ll feel as if you were at San Fermines party. The drawing of this fun apron is about bulls enjoying a party,drinking a toast with their beers in a typical Spanish party

    Price: 12.00 € (Without taxes)
  • Flamenco Red Apron with Black Dots 8.00€ #500457568G8888 Ref.: 500457568G8888

    Flamenco Red Apron with Black Dots

    You have a typical spanish party with an adalusian touch and you want to wear a flamenco apron with flamenco savour. This apron is very similar to a flamenco dress, with flounces and dots. With it, you could dance sevillanas meanwhile you are cooking. Measurements: 77 length.

    Price: 8.00 € (Without taxes)