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  • Real Bull Fighter´s Cape 310.00€ #502320007 Ref.: 502320007

    Real Bull Fighter´s Cape

    Real bull fighter's cape. The 'Brega' cape is an instrument to fight, made of fabric, with the shape of a cape, used at the beginning of the bullfighting to wish good luck, as well as to do some artistic moves. There are three specific parts in the 'Brega' cape:The front part of the cape, which is dyed intense pink. In the superior central part, a semi-circle addition called 'esclavina' is...

    Price: 310.00 € (Without taxes)
  • Semi professional bullfighter Cape - Mod. Salamanca 123.97€ #502320115 Ref.: 502320115

    Semi professional bullfighter Cape - Mod. Salamanca

    This cape is a semi professionnal one, the measurements and the finishing are very similar to the Professional Cape, but its weight is lighter and its handling is easier.The fabrics are cotton with taffeta and the finishing is pasted. The measurements are 225cm X120cm.

    Price: 123.97 € (Without taxes)
  • Bullfighter Cape 29.00€ #504920009 Ref.: 504920009

    Bullfighter Cape

    This cape is a perfect complement to wear with our torero costume.This costume's cape is made of thiner fabric than the authentic red cape or "capote de brega". Its colour is fuxia and the back-hand is yellow.The shape is a cape shape used to bullfight and to evade the bull.Measurements: 150 cm X 73 cm.

    Price: 29.00 € (Without taxes)
  • Red Economical Torero Cape 9.92€ #500344016 Ref.: 500344016

    Red Economical Torero Cape

    Original Capote (Bullfighter´s Cape) in red on one side and yellow on the other one. It is the perfect accompaniment for a Bullfighter Costume. And, of course, do not forget to get the bullfighter´s hat. Measurements: 150 cm X 70 cm.

    Price: 9.92 € (Without taxes)
  • Fuchsia Low Cost Torero´s Capote 9.92€ #500344016FX Ref.: 500344016FX

    Fuchsia Low Cost Torero´s Capote

    This torero´s capote (cape) is fuchsia on one side and yellow on the other one. It can be used as an accessory for a torero costume. It is very lightweight, thus its low-cost price. Measurements:150cm X 73cm.

    Price: 9.92 € (Without taxes)
  • Bullfighting toy set for children 28.50€ #502320001 Ref.: 502320001

    Bullfighting toy set for children

    Set child bullfigther's.From 4 to 8 years old. It consists of capote(a bull fighting cape), montera(hat), banderillas and espada(sword).This is a very amuzing pack for children, as they can 'bring to life' the big bull fights.For not charge the price of the transport the set will be send unfolded. We do no admit any return for this article.To see more party, gifts, events or souvenirs products,...

    Price: 28.50 € (Without taxes)
  • Professional Bullfighter Cape 120.00€ #502320010 Ref.: 502320010

    Professional Bullfighter Cape

    The Muleta includes the estaquillador.The fabric used to manufacture this muleta is flannel and its texture as its cut are both very important elements to transmit suitably the movements and so to be able to temperate the attack's speed. The opened muleta is like an incomplete bent circle. The outside, also called "body" is dark and intense red and the inside is generally in yellow colour.Muleta...

    Price: 120.00 € (Without taxes)
  • Banderillas 9.00€ #50503BE Ref.: 50503BE


    The banderillas tercio is one of the most colourful moment of a bullfighting and it happens once the picadores have left the bullring.Usually three pairs of banderillas are placed on each bull.Ref. 1502 - 45cmThis product does not admit any change or return.

    Price: 9.00 € (Without taxes)
  • Montera flocada - Bullfighter hat 3.65€ #501400002 Ref.: 501400002

    Montera flocada - Bullfighter hat

    Montera flocada very economic, made from plastic butcovered with a soft materiallikethe skin of peach.d.

    Price: 3.65 € (Without taxes)
  • Montera smooth felt - Bullfighters hat 5.50€ #501800302816 Ref.: 501800302816

    Montera smooth felt - Bullfighters hat

    Montera hat made in felt.

    Price: 5.50 € (Without taxes)
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