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  • Rainbow scarf. 50cm X50cm 2.500€ #500840002 Ref.: 500840002

    Rainbow scarf. 50cm X50cm

    The rainbow flag, so-called "freedom flag" or "gay pride flag", is normally used, from the early seventies, as the symbol of the gay and lesbian pride.   Gilbert Baker, an artist from San Francisco, made the rainbow flag popular, as a symbol for the gay pride since 1978. The colours are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet like the colours of the rainbow. Measurements: 50 cm X 50...

    Price: 2.50 € (Without taxes)
  • Gay Pride Fan Loco Ibiza.  84cm X 40cm 30.579€ #50102LCIBGY Ref.: 50102LCIBGY

    Gay Pride Fan Loco Ibiza. 84cm X 40cm

    Colorful rainbow fan. This model of fan was a hit during the 90's in Ibiza.Measurements: 84cm X 40cm.

    Price: 30.58 € (Without taxes)
  • Gay flag 3.500€ #500840003 Ref.: 500840003

    Gay flag

    During last days of june a lot of places in the world celebrate the "Gay Pride", when gay's collective defendspublicly his tolerance and equal right regarding sexual choice.Rainbow flag has been made a popular symbol for the artist Gilbert Baker born in San Francisco in 1978.Rainbow flag, sometimes called liberty's flag, has been used how pride's gay and lesbian symbol since seventy's.Differents...

    Price: 3.50 € (Without taxes)
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