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Mosaic Multicolored Bull. Barcino 36cm.

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Mosaic Multicolored Bull. Barcino 36cm. Ref.: 50579029155
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Splendid figure of a bull moving. This multicolored bull of Barcino is pure spanish handicrafts.
All creations of Barcino are hand painted and each of them is, therefore, a unique collector's item.
It is made by craftsmen who made the figures with mosaic technique trencadís.
Innovative design piece inspired by the mosaic technique Trencadís invented by Gaudi. With more than 10
colors, hand painted.
Measurements: 36cm.

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Ciaran Meyers


Many thanks for the large Barcino Bull bought as a wedding present for friends. Beautiful ornament which represents perfectly the mosaic style and provides vivid memories of our visit

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