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Fabada Asturiana - Litoral

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It is a rich bean stew, originally from and most commonly found in Asturias.
Fabada is made with dried large white beans (fabas, soaked overnight before use), shoulder of pork (lacón), black blood sausage (morcilla), spicy sausage (chorizo), saffron (azafrán), and seasonings. All these ingredients give to this meal a very traditional flavour.
The quality and the authentic ingredients are the basis for the coastline dishes. You will find a lot of fibre in these meals thank to the vegeables. The result is a tasty meal, home made, and very nutritious.

Can 435 gr.

Can 435 gr.

3 ways to prepare the lentils:
*Open the can and double boil it for 15 minutes.
*Pour the contents in a pan and warm up softly for 10 minutes.
*Microwave: pour the contents in a non metallic container and warm between 3 and 5 minutes, depending on the microwave power.

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