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  • Osborne Bull Warhol Style Mug with Silicone Cover and Filter 10.25€ #5005813159 Ref.: 5005813159

    Osborne Bull Warhol Style Mug with Silicone Cover and Filter

    Very attractive ceramic mug, inspired on Pop Art (Warhol style), depicting small Osborne bulls in multiple colours, with black handle. It has a filter in order to prepare any infusion, as well as a handle, both of them in mauve silicone. This is a beautiful mug for breakfast or for noon snack. The box is black, depicting a big Osborne bull and small Osborne bulls, Warhol style. Mug height: 9cm.

    Price: 10.25 € (Without taxes)
  • Gaudi Style Set of Two Osborne Bull Coffee Cups 8.43€ #500586006 Ref.: 500586006

    Gaudi Style Set of Two Osborne Bull Coffee Cups

    Gaudi-style set of two coffee cups from the Osborne bull collection. The intensity of the background contrasts with the Osborne bull silhouette, which uses the "trencadis" style in different colours. It is an innovative piece, based on the modernist technique "trencadis" by Gaudi. Made of ceramic. Size of the cup: 6.5cm tall x 8.5cm in diameter. Plate: 14cm in diameter.

    Price: 8.43 € (Without taxes)
  • Set of 4 Serviette Holders with Osborne Bull Serviette 15.21€ #5005810594 Ref.: 5005810594

    Set of 4 Serviette Holders with Osborne Bull Serviette

    Set of 4 individual serviette holders with a serviette. It is ring-shaped, with a flat lower part, so that the serviette holders always stands still, showing the Osborne bull silhouette. These are the perfect serviette-holders to decorate your table on special occasions, such as a typical Spanish meal. It is a very bull-fighting style accessory. It comes in a very beautiful box, with a red cover...

    Price: 15.21 € (Without taxes)
  • Osborne Bull Luggage Identifier 3.02€ #50058003009 Ref.: 50058003009

    Osborne Bull Luggage Identifier

    If you are looking forward to travelling and need to find your luggage quickly when it's on the conveyor belt, then you need our fun luggage identifier. One of its faces has a transparent window with a lateral opening, where the traveller can introduce a card with personal information. The other face depicts the Osborne Bull in black colour on red background. Thanks to this identifier, you will...

    Price: 3.02 € (Without taxes)
  • Set de 2 Mugs Fondo Rojo Toro Osborne en estuche 5.87€ #500584006 Ref.: 500584006

    Set de 2 Mugs Fondo Rojo Toro Osborne en estuche

    Beautiful set of 2 mugs. Thanks to these mugs, you will prepare a delicious coffee. They have a very traditional Spanish style, as they depict the Osborne bull silhouette. For breakfast or in the afternoon, at home or at the office, have a delicious warm coffee! This is a very nice item to give as a present or as a caprice. Measures: 10cm

    Price: 5.87 € (Without taxes)
  • Alarm clock mini Osborne bull 8.51€ #500580001476 Ref.: 500580001476

    Alarm clock mini Osborne bull

    We present you this Osborne bull alarm clock.This is a handy alarm clock with an original design. It is a very original gift.If you are a traveller and if you like to wake up with an alarm clock this alarm clock is supplied with a red case andan Osborne bull is printed.Measurments 8cm x 7.5 cm

    Price: 8.51 € (Without taxes)
  • Handbag hanger Osborne Bull figure 6.03€ #5005819568 Ref.: 5005819568

    Handbag hanger Osborne Bull figure

    Do you want to give a nice gift? This handbag hanger is an original detail. It is the Osborne Bull figure. The Osborne bull is the typical image of Spain. It is a small hanger to hang on the bar or on the table of a restaurant and you'll solve the problem of where hanging your handbag. Bull's measurements: 5cm x 5cm.

    Price: 6.03 € (Without taxes)
  • Water and snow bowl. Osborne Bull. 6cm 4.92€ #500580011233 Ref.: 500580011233

    Water and snow bowl. Osborne Bull. 6cm

    A nice gift, a special gift, this water and snow bowl with the Osborne Bull. It is a snow bowl with a clear sphere in crystal and water with teh osborne Bull figure. To see falling the snow you have to shake up the bowl, the snow will fall slowly, creating the picture of the snowy bull. Measurements of the height: 6cm.

    Price: 4.92 € (Without taxes)
  • Paperweigth Osborne Bull 6.03€ #500580000592 Ref.: 500580000592

    Paperweigth Osborne Bull

    Give as present this paperweigth of Osborne bull. It looks a resin billboard. Osborne bull is a big bull silouhette and measures about 14 meters, originally this bull billboard was created to promote Veterano Brandy of Osborne Group.Measurements: 8cm

    Price: 6.03 € (Without taxes)
  • Set of 3 plates Osborne Bull landscapes 5.54€ #5005819625 Ref.: 5005819625

    Set of 3 plates Osborne Bull landscapes

    In this pack we have 3 plates with the painting of the Osborne Bull in different spanish landscapes. The spanish landscapes show fallow lands, the Mediteranean sea and andalousian olive trees. The three landscapes have in common the Osborne Bull, very famous in our geography. Measurements: 10 x 10cm.

    Price: 5.54 € (Without taxes)
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