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Fan Adorned With Velázquez´s Las Meninas Painting

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One of the most famous paintings in the world is “Las Meninas” of Spanish painter Diego Velazquez. We printed this famous painting on a fabulous fan with a very nice silk touch and pear tree wood.

It is a very smart and original fan at the same time. You will carry a work of art in your hands.

“Las Minenas” of Velazquez commentary:

Popularly known since the XIX centuary as “Las Minenas”, the painting was originally called The Felipe IV Family and it’s probably the most important work of the Spanish painter Diego Velázquez.

It’s an oil painting carried out on big dimension canvas with normal size figures represented on it.

Las Meninas is one the most analyzed and commented pictorial works  in the art world.

The central topic is the Infanta Margarita de Asturias, although the painting represents other people, including Velazquez. The artist solved all the composition, space problems and the light perspective with great cleverness. A mirror, in the background, reflects Felipe IV and his wife Mariana de Austria.

Measures: 50cm X 27cm

Offer available until end of stock.

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