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  • Penguins Gaudi. 10cm 9.00€ #5057919477 Ref.: 5057919477

    Penguins Gaudi. 10cm

    Penguins have always been a beloved animals we like for their very elegant appearance. Barcino has designed this figure with bright colors, within a collection of fridge magnets. It is a piece of innovative design and inspired by the art of Trencadis technique. This technique was an invention of the Catalan architect Antonio Gaudí. Dimensions: 10 cm.

    Price: 9.00 € (Without taxes)
  • Figure mosaic Penguin of Barcino. 13cm 10.33€ #5057919484 Ref.: 5057919484

    Figure mosaic Penguin of Barcino. 13cm

    The figure of the Penguin is made of resin using the technique of Gaudí, composed of small pieces hand painted in more than 10 colors. Measures: 13cm.

    Price: 10.33 € (Without taxes)
  • Figure of a dolphin mosaic of Barcino 6.78€ #5057909232 Ref.: 5057909232

    Figure of a dolphin mosaic of Barcino

    Figure of a mosaic dolphin popularized by the famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. This figure is of Barcino Desings and it is a decoration piece. Measures: 15cm

    Price: 6.78 € (Without taxes)
  • Mosaïc Snail Gaudi. 11cm 6.45€ #5057917626 Ref.: 5057917626

    Mosaïc Snail Gaudi. 11cm

    If you like animal figures or snail collection,Barcinadesigned a colorfulsnailfigure, decorated with Trencadís method, famous for being invented by the architectGaudí Measurements: 11cm

    Price: 6.45 € (Without taxes)
  • Frog Photo Holder by Barcino Ref. 31967 6.60€ #5057931967 Ref.: 5057931967

    Frog Photo Holder by Barcino Ref. 31967

    If you like frog figurines, this practical photo holder is perfect to decorate your desk or to be used as a reminder. Piece of innovative design hand-painted inspired by the modernist mosaic technique ‘Trencadís’. Designed by Barcino. Dimensions: 7.5 cm.

    Price: 6.60 € (Without taxes)
  • Binder Clip Bull Black Ball of Barcino. 7.5cm 6.60€ #5057931875 Ref.: 5057931875

    Binder Clip Bull Black Ball of Barcino. 7.5cm

    Original binder clip to hold notes to put on your desk. It's a fun detail of a black bull with white details.It is a piece of innovative desing and inspired by the Mosaic technique Trencadís hand painted, designed by Barcino.Measures: 7.5cm.

    Price: 6.60 € (Without taxes)
  • Clip Notes Multicolored Bull of Barcino. Ref.31851 6.60€ #5057931851 Ref.: 5057931851

    Clip Notes Multicolored Bull of Barcino. Ref.31851

    If you have to make a special gift, with this binder clip of figth bull to the pasture you will not leave anyone indifferent.It is the figure of a bull inlaid with multicolored mosaic. This Toro is made of resin.With an innovative design, this piece is inspired by the mosaic technique trencadís. With over 10 colors, paintedhand.Measurements: 7.5cm.

    Price: 6.60 € (Without taxes)
  • Elephant Binder Clip of Barcino. Ref.31905 6.60€ #5057931905 Ref.: 5057931905

    Elephant Binder Clip of Barcino. Ref.31905

    This beautiful elephant can be a gift with a very original design. It's a binder clip to give any friend. Barcino simulates the art of Antonio Gaudi for his figurines. This technique is called Trencadis andwas invented by the Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi. Remember that this object is not a toy. Only decorative use. Measurements: 7.5cm.

    Price: 6.60 € (Without taxes)
  • Gaudí Pendants Bracelet 8.20€ #5057910306 Ref.: 5057910306

    Gaudí Pendants Bracelet

    Be original and offer this beautiful bracelet with pendants of most emblematic symbols of Gaudi such as the dragon,Batllo House and chimneys. You can find all these monuments and many more designed by the great architect Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona.

    Price: 8.20 € (Without taxes)
  • Bracelet with bulls heads 8.20€ #5057912560 Ref.: 5057912560

    Bracelet with bulls heads

    Be original, be bold enought to be different, avoid the clichés and turn into an original friend.Give this typical Spanish bracelet, made with a chain and five enamelled bulls heads, inspired by the Gaudi technique.

    Price: 8.20 € (Without taxes)
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