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Real Bull Fighter´s Cape

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Real bull fighter's cape. 
The 'Brega' cape is an instrument to fight, made of fabric, with the shape of a cape, used at the beginning of the bullfighting to wish good luck, as well as to do some artistic moves.

There are three specific parts in the 'Brega' cape:
The front part of the cape, which is dyed intense pink. In the superior central part, a semi-circle addition called 'esclavina' is sewed in the same colors.
The back of the cape is yellow. In the back the name of the bullfighter is written in black.
The last part is the lining, perhaps because it is the only one that is not shown. But it is a fundamental part, as it is easy to handle and gives consistency to the fabrics.

This cape must not be confused with the cape 'de paseo' that is only used during the 'paseillo'. The shape is the same than the shape of the 'Brega' cape but it is a bit smaller. It is decorated with stripes, sequins of gold and also religious images.

It is usual, at the end of 'el paseillo', to give it to some person as deference to keep it for the bullfighter during the corrida.

Measures aprox. 2,5 metres (wide), 1,25 metres (high).

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