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Handmade Embroidered Shawl of Natural Silk. Ref. 1010612NGCL

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Handmade Embroidered Shawl of Natural Silk. Ref. 1010612NGCL Ref.: 500351010612NGCL
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Bordados Foronda is the oldest house in Seville dedicated to the manufacture of embroidered shawls. Currently Bordados

Foronda had manufactured Manila shawls for the Spanish Royal Family, and other European Royal Houses.

The Manila shawl is associated with flamenco and Andalusian folklore, but the shawl complements the

dress, also he has been used by the singers and also, in some seasons, has been used as an everyday garment.

The production is entirely handmade, only the hands of the artisans touch the products, no machine involved.

Both embroidery and fringes are processed manually.

All shawls are made with pure silk, stitch by stitch, with all the love that our

Andalusian women are able to give and finished with the unmistakable Seville fringe.

Composition: Natural Silk.

Measurements might change (125 to 135 cm, depending on the stitching of the shawl).



1.- Washing:
Never wash at home, always at dry cleaner's.
If you see a little mark, rub it with soap with a rag below the shawl.
Then iron the shawl.
2.- Ironing:
Iron the shawl the wrong way round with vapour iron, to enhance the embroidery.
3.- Preservation:
Hang your new shawl on a hanger, recover it with a cover and keep it from the light in your wardrobe.

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Michele G


The shawl I received is as beautiful if not more than the one pictured on your site. It arrived quickly, only a few days from Spain to the US, not even expedited shipping! Packaged beautifully in a box and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for an excellent product and service.

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Comentario FlamencoExport

  • Andalucia gave some of its own character to the shawl , covering it with roses and carnations replacing the usual dargons and chinese pagodas with flower motifs and describing exactly the customs of the country.

Consejo FlamencoExport

  • La artesana en España  se ha destacado siempre no sólo por la maestría y limpieza que sabe dar a las formas del dibujo sino por la exquisita combinación de colores que da el realce y las sombras a las rosas, pájaros y demás elementos del diseño.
     Los más frecuentes tipos de mantones son los que se relacionan:
    Tradicional: su dibujo es espeso pero delicado y menudo. Suele estar bordado en colores negro y marfil.
    Isabelino: suele tener bordadas cuatro esquinas y el centro vacío o salpicado de pequeños ramilletes de  flores.
    De Cigarreras: su dibujo es de rosas grandes de tonalidades vivas.
    De Pájaros: su dibujo suele estar cuajado principalmente de pájaros y de pequeños grupos de rosas y flores para completarlo. Para bordar el cuerpo y las alas de los pájaros se suele utilizar seda abierta y entremezclada.
    De Rosas: todo el mantón está bordado con rosas de colores distintos.
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